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Sep 24, 2010

12 hours in Prague

I love reading blogs about everyday life. It's like taking peek in somebody's house unnoticed :) Anyway, I follow Agnes' blog and really love her thoughts about life. This time I took her post to heart.
'I vastly prefer blogs that cater regular photos of the blogger -- mainly because so many blogs look alike, similar templates, similar gadgets, sometimes even similar thoughts, and being able to put a face to a blog makes it one-of-a-kind to me. I feel more familiar and connected.'
That's why I simply love her blog. I like the way she shows things she loves: her husband, cat, home, wardrobe and, of course, herself.

Last two weeks were all about time. I was working on polish/czechish project in Theater Wybrzeże and my life was organized by strict schedule. I could have some free time only after the premiere, but then I cought cold and spent three days in bed... And here I am - with a sore throat and running nose.

But happy I could see my beloved Prague again! It was only one night stay and 4 hours in the old city and it was worth every hour I spent in a bus to come here :) The atmosphere and every piece of architecture is breathtaking, I think I could spend there half of my life and it wouldn't be enough.


You look lovely :)

And Prague.. my beloved as well..

Twoja minka jest świetna :)) Ciekawie spędziłaś czas w Pradze. Trudno mi w o uwierzyć, ale ja jeszcze nigdy nie byłam w tym pięknym mieście!

Hi Rosemary!
I've been trying to post a comment but for some reason I keep getting a "service unavailable" signal.
Well, thank you so much and I love your photo -- absolutely love it :-)
And Prague, what a wonderful city!

Thanks, Agnes :)

Agnieszka, musisz koniecznie odwiedzić Pragę :) zakochasz się w niej!

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