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Nov 26, 2010

26.11 - 29.11 Shopping Weekend

I heard, that US is having a SALE weekend :) Please visit my Etsy shops for discounts!

15% OFF for all jewelry in RosemaryManufacture shop

10% OFF for all bridal pieces in TheOnly boutique


Etsy lounched new very useful feature: discount coupons during checkout.
To get my discounts please enter code 15OFF in RosemaryManufacture and 10OFF in TheOnly.
For more details, look here.

Nov 17, 2010

Birthday SALE!

Autumn is not a good time for celebrating birthdays. 
Short days, freezing cold... Everybody needs something to cheer up :) 

Join my birthday party! 
10% sale for all my jewelry listed on Etsy 
and in my jewelry boutique

I also offer worldwide FREE SHIPPING in both my jewelry shops on Etsy. Good deal, don't you think?

Nov 16, 2010

ARUBA Coral Necklace

New necklace from Rosemary's Manufacture. 

Red coral, black onyx, sterling silver, copper and leather

Nov 15, 2010

Monday Moodboard for the 15th of November

It's my birthday comming in few days, so I browsed Etsy for items I'd like to get as a present. Check them out!

Las Palmas Porcelain Ring by MaapStudio, Nuno felted wrap skirt  by aureliaLT

Forget Me Not tags by KAPARA, Classic felt grey frame bag by Yamira

Nov 14, 2010

The Story about Purple and Grey

My favorite colors of this Fall/Winter are grey and purple. I even made a color theme treasury.

In my Etsy shop you can also find some jewelry in these colors. 

Nov 12, 2010

Jackie style!

I love pearls. Their simplicity and elegance was discovered many years ago, but I guess the icon of elegant pearl-wear was Jacqueline Kennedy. 

It's a piece of jewelry every woman should have! Trends come and go, but stylish pearl necklace is timeless.

I made this necklace from various size of Swarovski crystal white pearls (4, 6, 8 and 10mm). It will be perfect for black coctail dresses or classic bride gown.

Nov 11, 2010

Swarovski Fantasy DRYADS

The Dryades were the beautiful Nymphs of the trees and forests. Short serie of Swarovski earrings I made this week reminds me wonderful fantasy stories full of magic and supernatural beings.

Here they are: Nymphs you'd like to meet on your path.

Maladiah - Swarovski Baroque olivine

Daphne - Swarovski Briolette mocca

Oriade - Swarovski Baroque crystal

Nov 10, 2010

I LIKE IT! BeautySpot from Ukraine

Etsy is not only place, where I sell my designs, I also buy very often beautiful things from crafters around the world. Come and see wonderful creations by Polina and Sergey from Kiev, Ukraine. 

"Our jewelry is about simple things: bird on the branch and it's song, winter trees, spring flowers, music we love, books we read or just beauty of colors. It could be any thing from all around.
But exactly these little things make our days better, don't they?"

This set is now mine and it came in a wonderful wooden box. BeautySpot takes care about every detail of your order.

For more colorful and romantic designs visit BeautySpot Etsy shop:

Nov 9, 2010

EDERA Amber Ring

I wanted to make this ring for a long time and finally I had some time for it :) I picked a bunch of small irregular pieces of amber and wrapped it with hammered sterling silver ring.

Nov 8, 2010

Mysteries of Amber - ITZMALI Earrings

I got new delivery of half-rough amber! I just love these big dark cognac pieces.

To preserve "rough" look I combined amber with turquoise. 

And look at these ancient style round earstoods!

Nov 7, 2010

LIBELLULE - lapis lazuli and aquamarine

Libellule is a french word for "dragonfly". Thats funny, how "l-l-l-l" plays with "l-l" in words "lapis lazuli" :)

I bought these Thai Hill Tribe silver dragonflies specially to combine with lapis lazuli. I love this gemstone. Its deep blue color and sparkling inclusions hypnotise me! And of course, I did notice that brothers Salvatore have rings with lapis lazuli :)
I wire wrapped sterling silver hoops with lapis lazuli faceted rondelles and small pieces of aquamarine. Let me take you to a mysterious place, where twilight plays tricks with youe eyes and water smells like waterlillies.

Nov 6, 2010

HELENE Waterfalls

One more lovely piece from "Waterfalls" collection: royal Helene. These earrings were made from green amethyst (I have few briolettes left in my supply shop!), garnet and peridote tiny rondelles.

Nov 5, 2010

Front Page - it's been a while!

It's been a while since my last Etsy front page. This time big thank you for BlueberryCream!

Nov 4, 2010

ARIANE Waterfalls

Let me introduce you my jewelry series "Waterfalls". All pieces are made from high quality gemstones, wire-wrapped with sterling and fine silver. This is first pair of earrings, Lady Ariane: tourmalined quartz briolettes and freshwater pearls.


Nov 1, 2010

Workin' late...

How's your halloween night? I joined one party the other night, but yesterday I was working late on english version of my website ;) It's ready and you all are welcome to see it!

And this is me on my friend's trick-or-treat party. See you around!