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Mar 30, 2010

Rosemary's Manufacture in The Storque!

The Storque is an official Etsy blog, where admins publish interviews with Etsy sellers, advices, how to sell and shop on Etsy, interesting articles about handmade worldwide and more.

Also they feature most interesting items they find on Etsy.

Today my Rose earrings were featured in Etsy Finds :)

I started my shops on Etsy in February/March and I'm glad they've been spoted and featured already.

Mar 29, 2010

Monday Moodboard for the 29th of March

My mood is dreamy today :)

White Tulip French Shoulder bag by Ikabags; Leaf Shaped Sterling Silver Earrings by WeddingJewels;

Ivory Necklace by Feltik; Knitting Project Bag by KnitterBag

P.S. Thank you, Feltik, for featuring my earrings on your blog!

Mar 28, 2010

Spring is here

Finally! Sun is shining, flowers are about to bloom :)

New lovely necklaces with romantic flowers - soon in my shops!

Mar 27, 2010

What's new in my favs?

Do you check, who added you to favorites recently? I do it every day :) Etsy favorites is a perfect tool to find out, which item people like the most and to find so many interesting artists around the world. Also, I check other sellers favs very often.

How do I select my favs? Simple - I see something and think "woo, this is adorable/fantastic/interesting/ beautiful/etc. :) these are things I don't want to loose out of my sight. Some of them I use in my treasuries later or I post about them in my blog, some of them I consider to buy :)

My favs contains 13pages of items and 12 pages of shops and still growing. What is new there?

First of all - vaisto's corset! I adore this new piece - so robin hoodish and medieval spirit. And photos are fantastic. Another fav I would like to mention here are fantastic cufflinks made by TheFloatingMarket - stylish and a bit industrial. Last, but not least, are striped leg warmers with adorable silver buttons bt meroww. Grey is one of my favorite colors and photo of these is also great!

Among recently added shops is MaLaMiNaKaNo (that's difficult!) with artistic clothes. I found this shop through one treasury made by one of my tweetmates. Another wonderful shop, CasaDiAries, sells small things for home: decorations and coasters. In shanegorski shop you will find unique photos. I would mark all of them as my favs.

Keep adding things you like to your favs and help to each other to spread our work on Etsy!

Mar 26, 2010

Amber earrings on Etsy front page

My amber earrings were featured on Etsy front page :) This lovely treasury was curated by FloralWorld, Thanks, Sabina!

Mar 23, 2010

Express your style with a cufflinks

A cufflink is a decorative fastener worn by men or women to fasten the two sides of the cuff on a shirt or blouse. Cufflinks offen are "must wear" for special occasions. Also, they say, it's something every gentelman should have.

Can't imagine James Bond not wearing cuflinks, don't you? :)

Due to some new designs in my shop I made a research on Etsy and my favorite webpages with handmade items and found some fantastic cufflinks I would like to share with you. Some of them are classy, some are humorous and simply funny. The best thing about them is most of them are unisex style.

These vintage style cufflinks made by Bellamodaartist with baloon print reminds me Jules Verne "Five Weeks in a Balloon". Romantic Aquanetta's cufflinks are perfect for nowadays Romeo - you can put a photo of your Juliet inside to take a look on her every time you want.

I just love these fantastic steampunk cufflinks made by edmdesigns with watch movement elements. And another pair, made by crimsonking, would be a perfect gift for a card player or a fan of "Alice in Wonderland".

What about having some fun and not taking all this "gentelman style" seriously? Lego cufflinks made by agabag will be just perfect. You can choose different colors and sizes of lego bricks :) One more funny pair, cufflinks with pinup girls made by VenusFlytrapJewels.

My cufflinks are more classy - sterling silver combined with natural amber and silicon (not to be confused with Silicone!). These amber cuflinks reminds me my grandfather - he always wore fantastic oldstyle cufflinks to express his "a head of the family" status.

Both pairs are available in my Etsy shop.

Mar 22, 2010

Monday EuroMoodboard for the 22th of March

Etsy EuroWeek started today :) Many of Etsy sellers from Europe have special offers this week. More info you will find on European Street Team blog.

I offer 10% discount for all items from my jewelry shop. Offer is valid till 28th of March :)

Also if you would like to find more sellers from Europe, just click green etsy world button here on my blog :)

Now it's time for my Monday Moodboard!

Also I would like to thank SilkStory, AliBaliJewellery and Vart for featuring my jewelry pieces on their blogs. It was fantastic beginning of this week :) Thank you!

Mar 20, 2010

Love giveaways ;)

Remember Rita's first etsyversary? I will remember for a long time for sure :) it was my first giveaway, when I got lucky!

This wonderful handsculpted pendant arrived few days ago and made my day. It's gorgeous!

Rita owns 3 shops on Etsy. In AlatCeramics you will find clay beads, such as my new pendant, AlatSupplies for gemstones, amber and other jewelry supplies and Alatvian for handmade jewelry.

I love receiving gifts :) but also I like to know, who is giving these gifts :) So I asked Rita to tell few words about herself and her etsywork.

Rita, your shops are full of supplies and pieces made in different techniques - which one you like the best and why?

Every technique has it's place and use in my work. So I don't have the favorite one in general. But what I love more than anything else in the creating process is to learn and to try out something new. So I like the technique and material I'm trying out at any moment the most.

Imagine you found Aladin's lamp and it can fulfill three of your wishes. What would you wish?

Sorry, don't have such wishes. I love to live by the day or even better - by the moment and to enjoy it in full, even if it is a hard one. I could only wish the same for my 4 kids :)

Rita, what is the best about country you come from - Latvia?

I'd say the best of Latvia is our pretty wild and clean nature and people: many of us are artists with warm hearts.

Thank you!

Mar 15, 2010

Monday Moodboard for the 15th of March

It was snowing yesterday... In the middle of the March! I want spring so badly! I thought I would hate warm clothes, but these finds made me smile today :) Have a good week everyone!

Handfelted Rose Brooch by ing00te; Crocheted Beret by byMarianneS
Socks by Zarina2009; Pruple Scarf by denizgunes

Mar 13, 2010

Hunted treasuries

Yesterday I visited one of the biggest fairs in Poland - Amberif. Lots of people, hundreds of sellers, beautiful amber, gems and jewelry. Fantastic experience and so inspiring!

These are some of my treasuries "hunted" on fair. First of all - rutile quartz briolettes. I'm really proud of them - best quality and so beautiful inclusions.

Big labradorite briolettes also are gorgeaous. Nice effect of iridescent.

Green amethyst briolettes.

Lovely faceted amber rondelles.

Sterling silver and oxidized handmade roses with freshwater pearls

New jewelery and some handpicked gems comming in my etsy shops soon :)
Next big fair, Ambermart, is in September. But still hoping to visit some other extravaganzas till that time.

Mar 10, 2010

From Russia with Love

Few weeks ago a friend of mine brought me a keychain with lovely Matryoshka doll from Moscow :) I guess every tourist visiting Russia want to have one of these adorable creatures. Inspired by Russian Vogue I looked through recently listed handmade items on Etsy and Pakamera and found some gorgeous stuff!

A Matryoshka doll, also known as a Russian nested doll originally is a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside another. But it seems Matryoshka is changing its outfit and traveling around the world. You can pin her to your cardigan, wear as an earring or even take her to bed with you (as a pillow ;) ).

E.g. these beautiful sweet-faced art dolls made by zouzoudesign and Ravenhill could be not only a perfect gift for Russian doll collectors. It may be also a charm pined to a bag or a good companion at your workdesk.

Matryoshka doll prints on fabric to create unique T-shirt or wonderful cotton pillows (wengergirl's tattoo inspired design). But imagination has no limits. Matryoshka as a cat? Why not! Krize tells a black and white story about five little cat brothers. And yes, they were matryoshka dolls :)

Back to colors now and my favorite part of finds - jewelry! Earrings made by ola, tiny Matryoshkas hiding in colorful ribbons, follow rustic trends. Soft felted brooches made byAylaArt makes you smile! It's like an addiction - I would like to have all imaginable colors to mix :)

Mar 9, 2010

They had their own dreams too

Inspired by Etsian friends and their flickr favorites I decided to share with you one of my favorite Facebook groups. It's "Lietuva senose fotografijose" - Lithuania in the old photos. It's a group, where you can post your family or your hometown old photos. The only rule is - photo must be old!

This group and its albums are great source of information. You can learn how your hometown looked like 50 years ago or in XIXth century or what people were wearing those days.

But the most inspiring for me are albums with portraits. Lot of them are anonymous. You don't know, who it was and where this photo was taken... But if you look into those people eyes you can imagine, who they were, what they were thinking about in that short moment.

Or what they dreamt about.

Mar 7, 2010

Love SWAPs!

Love to participate in SWAPs. It so good to put businnes matters away for a minute and think about particular person - what she would like to get? What from my creations could make her smile?
Answers are not easy to find, that's for sure. But a whole thing is worth to challenge yourself! :)

This spring SWAP among forum was so fun and joyful! I got beautiful amethyst wrapped earrings from forum admin, Justina. Amethyst is one of my favorites gemtsones and I adore wrapped pieces, so this gift was a big something to me! Justina is a fantastic person, and also she runs this gorgeous jewelry shop. And here are my new earrings:

My SWAP partner was very challenging :) Astra said she loves Swarovski crystals, really long earrings and she wants green/olivine colors so bad this spring! It took me few days to come up with something. I chose sterling silver daisies, combined them with olivine Swarovski baroque pendants and tiny faceted peridot beads:

Hope she likes it :) And looking forward to participate in another SWAP!

Mar 6, 2010

Monday Moodboard for the 8th of March

It's 8th of March - International Women's Day. In Lithuania, where I was born, it's a beautiful holiday when all girls and women get flowers from their dads, brothers, boyfriends, husbands and friends!

Sharing some beautiful flowers with you :)

White Daisy Meadow by JujaCrafts; Tulip Earrings by antigony;
Fairy Flowers by ZsBcreations; Yellow and Red Tulip by DeborahVoizin

Sterling silver unique pieces

It was a busy day. I've been working on my new etsy shop for hours. But here it comes: :)

I run on-line jewelry boutique for more than two years now. This gave me priceless knowledge about different kinds of supplies. I know how important is to get best quality pieces for handcrafted jewellery. So I decided to share my experience with Etsians.

Ag is a latin chemical symbol for argentum - silver. AgShop offers sterling silver beads, findings and erawires, but also glass beads, gemstones and amber :)

AgShop is a newbie on Etsy, so I offer big discounts for first buyers - check shop announcement for more info.

Mar 4, 2010

Let the party begin!

Usually people have problems with their first posts on their blogs. Do I have to write something about myself or just say hello? :)

I love my work. And I work with love. I share my heart with every piece of my jewellery. And I would like to share it with you too!
Small talks can lead to big things, they say. Hope to hear (read :) ) your thoughts here as well.

So let the party begin! And lets start this with some good news. A lovely etsy treasury curated by vaisto made to Etsy front page yesterday. It was the first time when my items were shown on Etsy FP :) Got two sales and lots of hearts. It's a good start!