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Mar 20, 2010

Love giveaways ;)

Remember Rita's first etsyversary? I will remember for a long time for sure :) it was my first giveaway, when I got lucky!

This wonderful handsculpted pendant arrived few days ago and made my day. It's gorgeous!

Rita owns 3 shops on Etsy. In AlatCeramics you will find clay beads, such as my new pendant, AlatSupplies for gemstones, amber and other jewelry supplies and Alatvian for handmade jewelry.

I love receiving gifts :) but also I like to know, who is giving these gifts :) So I asked Rita to tell few words about herself and her etsywork.

Rita, your shops are full of supplies and pieces made in different techniques - which one you like the best and why?

Every technique has it's place and use in my work. So I don't have the favorite one in general. But what I love more than anything else in the creating process is to learn and to try out something new. So I like the technique and material I'm trying out at any moment the most.

Imagine you found Aladin's lamp and it can fulfill three of your wishes. What would you wish?

Sorry, don't have such wishes. I love to live by the day or even better - by the moment and to enjoy it in full, even if it is a hard one. I could only wish the same for my 4 kids :)

Rita, what is the best about country you come from - Latvia?

I'd say the best of Latvia is our pretty wild and clean nature and people: many of us are artists with warm hearts.

Thank you!


Lucky you, that is so wonderful and
Rita so nice to read a bit of you:)
Thanks so much for sharing!

Thank you so very much for this feature!

love the pendant! sweet interview too! congrats both :)

Beautiful pendant you picked :)

I am still waiting for my package to arrive, plan was and is to do a feature as well once it arrives.

Very impressive and beautiful pendant!
And it was really interesting to read a little bit about Rita ;)

Fantastic pendant you received :-D

wow congrats on winning!! Rita makes lovely stuff!

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