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Mar 27, 2010

What's new in my favs?

Do you check, who added you to favorites recently? I do it every day :) Etsy favorites is a perfect tool to find out, which item people like the most and to find so many interesting artists around the world. Also, I check other sellers favs very often.

How do I select my favs? Simple - I see something and think "woo, this is adorable/fantastic/interesting/ beautiful/etc. :) these are things I don't want to loose out of my sight. Some of them I use in my treasuries later or I post about them in my blog, some of them I consider to buy :)

My favs contains 13pages of items and 12 pages of shops and still growing. What is new there?

First of all - vaisto's corset! I adore this new piece - so robin hoodish and medieval spirit. And photos are fantastic. Another fav I would like to mention here are fantastic cufflinks made by TheFloatingMarket - stylish and a bit industrial. Last, but not least, are striped leg warmers with adorable silver buttons bt meroww. Grey is one of my favorite colors and photo of these is also great!

Among recently added shops is MaLaMiNaKaNo (that's difficult!) with artistic clothes. I found this shop through one treasury made by one of my tweetmates. Another wonderful shop, CasaDiAries, sells small things for home: decorations and coasters. In shanegorski shop you will find unique photos. I would mark all of them as my favs.

Keep adding things you like to your favs and help to each other to spread our work on Etsy!


Thanks for the mention, I'm glad you like them!


You have a good taste ;) Most of your fav I like, too!

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