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Aug 31, 2010

Home sweet home!

It was very hot summer full of adventures :) But here I am, back home and ready to start Autumn in my studio!

Happy to show you some photos from my latest trip to Berlin :) Unfortunately I didn't make to Etsy knitting party last Saturday, so I hope it weren't my only chance to meet Etsy admins 'live'.

What I love about Berlin is the living history. I could touch almost everything I've read in history books - The Berlin Wall, places associated with World War II, East Germany Republic etc.

Also I was impressed by Reichstag building. Wonderful view on a downtown and main governmental buildings. Did you know there are solar panels in the top of Reichstag? I was amazed!

Berlin is not only about XX and XXI centuries. Beautiful royal residences and breathtaking parks in Berlin and Potsdam makes you regret you haven't born few centuries ago :)

Anyway, eurotrip is over and I'm glad I'm back home :) Stay tuned for many intresting posts, fun news and new designs!

Aug 12, 2010

New and different

This was just incredibly awesome experience to work with one of my favorite artclay artist, Anna Fidecka. Last month I visited her in her studio in Warsaw to learn some basic artclay technics. It was fantastic 2 days, Anna turned out to be a very friendly and warm person. And this is me, working in Anna's studio on my first designs :)

Art clay is a pure silver in clay form. Completely dried and fired it retains its original shape leaving 99,9% pure silver (or copper/gold). I'm happy to show you my first artclay works. And of course: big 'thank you' to Anna Fidecka for showing me this amazing material!

Aug 6, 2010

Enchanted by...

...russian language and songs, fantastic people, friendly atmosphere, post-soviet architecture, magical landscapes and tasty food.

Last week I spent in Kaliningrad Oblast: Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad, Kurshskaya Kosa. I have no words to express my feelings about how deeply I miss all my new friends and how much I enjoyed this journey.

It's all about contrast - expensive cars to old Ladas, old babushkas selling parsley on the streets to much too high prices in regular shopping malls, not so friendly (very often!) service to superb friendly people you meet.

Already making plans to visit Russia again as soon as possible. It's like an addiction - can't stop thinking about it once you've tried.