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Aug 12, 2010

New and different

This was just incredibly awesome experience to work with one of my favorite artclay artist, Anna Fidecka. Last month I visited her in her studio in Warsaw to learn some basic artclay technics. It was fantastic 2 days, Anna turned out to be a very friendly and warm person. And this is me, working in Anna's studio on my first designs :)

Art clay is a pure silver in clay form. Completely dried and fired it retains its original shape leaving 99,9% pure silver (or copper/gold). I'm happy to show you my first artclay works. And of course: big 'thank you' to Anna Fidecka for showing me this amazing material!


Wow, you are very talented girl:)

Wow, so pretty! Congratulations on your first piece!

WOW! Happy for you and a bit jealous ..

My congrats!
It's very difficult?

Thank you!
Vikulya, some moments are quite difficult, but I think it's just a matter of practice :)

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