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Aug 31, 2010

Home sweet home!

It was very hot summer full of adventures :) But here I am, back home and ready to start Autumn in my studio!

Happy to show you some photos from my latest trip to Berlin :) Unfortunately I didn't make to Etsy knitting party last Saturday, so I hope it weren't my only chance to meet Etsy admins 'live'.

What I love about Berlin is the living history. I could touch almost everything I've read in history books - The Berlin Wall, places associated with World War II, East Germany Republic etc.

Also I was impressed by Reichstag building. Wonderful view on a downtown and main governmental buildings. Did you know there are solar panels in the top of Reichstag? I was amazed!

Berlin is not only about XX and XXI centuries. Beautiful royal residences and breathtaking parks in Berlin and Potsdam makes you regret you haven't born few centuries ago :)

Anyway, eurotrip is over and I'm glad I'm back home :) Stay tuned for many intresting posts, fun news and new designs!


Great trip! Welcome back :)

Wow! Very interesting story!

Interesting! And great photos!

Wow, sounds like it was a great trip!

Berlin is a wonderful city, full of history but so modern!

I visited Berlin last the year the wall came down. I loved it

Yes, I really enjoyed my trip to Berlin. I hope I wll have a chance to go there again soon.

Beautiful cities. Hope to visit them again, too.
Great photos!

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