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Sep 30, 2010

Giveaway you can't miss!

This time I'd like to invite you to enter a giveaway on one of polish blogs I follow. You can win fantastic earrings with labradorite. All you need is to leave a comment and to write about this giveaway on your blog :)

Sep 28, 2010

The Moon and The Lapis Lazuli

I know it's weird, but from the last Spring when I think 'lapis lazuli' I see Salvatore brothers ;) I love new season so far, but I still think it was way more interesting to watch The Vampire Diaries episodes one by one in a row without one week breaks. Anyway, this post is not about TVD.

I had no exact idea for this necklace. At first I made moon pendant and decided to add a cubic zirconia to make it more 'light'. When I took out this piece from the kiln I thought it would look nice with faceted lapis lazuli briolettes. And here it is - Lapis Lazuli Moon Pendant. Not spelled yet, so you can choose what powers it should have. 'Couse we all know, lapis is an extraordinary stone, right?

Sep 27, 2010

I hate Mondays

It's Monday and weather forecast here in Poland is RAINY. I hate Mondays.

Button by theangryrobot; Mug by InAGlaze

If you're sharing my feelings, I have little surprise for you. This weekend I was reorganizing my files on computer and decided to gather photos sent by my buyers in one place. And the result is... handpicked gallery here on my blog. If you'd like to share with me and blog readers your portrait wearing my jewelry, feel free to contact me :)

And hey, I've got another good news for you:

Sep 26, 2010

POLetsy: Polish Team on Etsy

I wanted to introduce you POLetsy Team months ago, but better late than never. It gathers about 80 Etsy shops, who owners live or were born in Poland. We share information about e-business, help each other with managing shops and, if possible, meet in real. Please, visit POLetsy blog for more info!

This summer I met hypericumfragile, annawoz and BelaStitches in Warsaw. It was very warm meeting, we discussed Etsy, handmade shows, some techniques we work with etc. Unfortunately BelaStitches stayed behind the camera ;)

What is Anna dreaming about?

I'm hoping to see you again next time I visit Warsaw!

Sep 25, 2010

As The Leaves Fall

More and more leaves fall from the trees, Autumn starts wearring her usual colorful warm clothes. New silver leaf is now available in my Etsy shop: made with natural leaf, covered with silver and then oxidized. I hope you'll like it!

I also made treasury with cinnamon taste, featuring some really stunning handmade pieces.

Featured sellers:

Sep 24, 2010

12 hours in Prague

I love reading blogs about everyday life. It's like taking peek in somebody's house unnoticed :) Anyway, I follow Agnes' blog and really love her thoughts about life. This time I took her post to heart.
'I vastly prefer blogs that cater regular photos of the blogger -- mainly because so many blogs look alike, similar templates, similar gadgets, sometimes even similar thoughts, and being able to put a face to a blog makes it one-of-a-kind to me. I feel more familiar and connected.'
That's why I simply love her blog. I like the way she shows things she loves: her husband, cat, home, wardrobe and, of course, herself.

Last two weeks were all about time. I was working on polish/czechish project in Theater Wybrzeże and my life was organized by strict schedule. I could have some free time only after the premiere, but then I cought cold and spent three days in bed... And here I am - with a sore throat and running nose.

But happy I could see my beloved Prague again! It was only one night stay and 4 hours in the old city and it was worth every hour I spent in a bus to come here :) The atmosphere and every piece of architecture is breathtaking, I think I could spend there half of my life and it wouldn't be enough.

Sep 9, 2010

Best wedding inspirations

Browsing Etsy treasuries is great way to be inspired by undiscovered pieces. These are few of my favorite last week wedding collection.

Simply adorable designs and lovely colors. Which one you like most?

Sep 4, 2010

Autumn Leaf

What I love most about Autumn is colorful trees and falling leaves. I'm hopping for a long warm autumn with not many rains. And you?

My new pendant smells like autumn. Brown wrinkled leaf was handmade of silver clay (fine silver) and oxidized.

Sep 2, 2010

Be The One

It is everything's about customer's comfort and convenience in selling on-line. To make my offer more accessible I decided to separate my bridal collection and start new Etsy shop exclusively with wedding and special occasion jewelry.
The baner for new shop was created by hypericumfragile - thank you Monika!

You will find ready to ship bridal pieces and elegant jewelry for your coctail dress, prom or other significant occasion. Also many 'made to order' samples to choose from. All jewelry is made from sterling silver, using best qualizty materials such as Swarovski® Elements, genuine pearls and amber.

Sep 1, 2010

magnesina's photo giveaway

Magnesina is my Etsy friend from POLetsy Team. She runs Etsy shop with incredible photos and now she started her first giveaway on her blog! You can win a set of two photographs and free worldwide shipping.

I even can't decide, which photographs I like most :) What about you? Just visit magnesina's blog and enter the giveaway!