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Sep 28, 2010

The Moon and The Lapis Lazuli

I know it's weird, but from the last Spring when I think 'lapis lazuli' I see Salvatore brothers ;) I love new season so far, but I still think it was way more interesting to watch The Vampire Diaries episodes one by one in a row without one week breaks. Anyway, this post is not about TVD.

I had no exact idea for this necklace. At first I made moon pendant and decided to add a cubic zirconia to make it more 'light'. When I took out this piece from the kiln I thought it would look nice with faceted lapis lazuli briolettes. And here it is - Lapis Lazuli Moon Pendant. Not spelled yet, so you can choose what powers it should have. 'Couse we all know, lapis is an extraordinary stone, right?


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