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Sep 26, 2010

POLetsy: Polish Team on Etsy

I wanted to introduce you POLetsy Team months ago, but better late than never. It gathers about 80 Etsy shops, who owners live or were born in Poland. We share information about e-business, help each other with managing shops and, if possible, meet in real. Please, visit POLetsy blog for more info!

This summer I met hypericumfragile, annawoz and BelaStitches in Warsaw. It was very warm meeting, we discussed Etsy, handmade shows, some techniques we work with etc. Unfortunately BelaStitches stayed behind the camera ;)

What is Anna dreaming about?

I'm hoping to see you again next time I visit Warsaw!


It was great meeting LOL I want more!

Probably I dreamed of a spectacular success on etsy ... I'm sure it was that :D

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