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Sep 27, 2010

I hate Mondays

It's Monday and weather forecast here in Poland is RAINY. I hate Mondays.

Button by theangryrobot; Mug by InAGlaze

If you're sharing my feelings, I have little surprise for you. This weekend I was reorganizing my files on computer and decided to gather photos sent by my buyers in one place. And the result is... handpicked gallery here on my blog. If you'd like to share with me and blog readers your portrait wearing my jewelry, feel free to contact me :)

And hey, I've got another good news for you:


Love your gallery, Rosemary, wonderful idea. And I love the Mondays part, too:)

LOL! I hear ya! I was watching "Nie lubię poniedziałków" yesterday ;) Maybe that movie will cheer you up?

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