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Mar 10, 2010

From Russia with Love

Few weeks ago a friend of mine brought me a keychain with lovely Matryoshka doll from Moscow :) I guess every tourist visiting Russia want to have one of these adorable creatures. Inspired by Russian Vogue I looked through recently listed handmade items on Etsy and Pakamera and found some gorgeous stuff!

A Matryoshka doll, also known as a Russian nested doll originally is a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside another. But it seems Matryoshka is changing its outfit and traveling around the world. You can pin her to your cardigan, wear as an earring or even take her to bed with you (as a pillow ;) ).

E.g. these beautiful sweet-faced art dolls made by zouzoudesign and Ravenhill could be not only a perfect gift for Russian doll collectors. It may be also a charm pined to a bag or a good companion at your workdesk.

Matryoshka doll prints on fabric to create unique T-shirt or wonderful cotton pillows (wengergirl's tattoo inspired design). But imagination has no limits. Matryoshka as a cat? Why not! Krize tells a black and white story about five little cat brothers. And yes, they were matryoshka dolls :)

Back to colors now and my favorite part of finds - jewelry! Earrings made by ola, tiny Matryoshkas hiding in colorful ribbons, follow rustic trends. Soft felted brooches made byAylaArt makes you smile! It's like an addiction - I would like to have all imaginable colors to mix :)


Love those matrioshkahs, especially the black and white one!

Lovely! I love matryoshkas:)

woww all of them sooo chick and lovelyyyy

Thanks for stopping by!
I'm thinking about buying a matryoshka brooch made by AylaArt :) just can't decide which one...

thank you so very very much for this delightful feature!!! :)

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