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Mar 7, 2010

Love SWAPs!

Love to participate in SWAPs. It so good to put businnes matters away for a minute and think about particular person - what she would like to get? What from my creations could make her smile?
Answers are not easy to find, that's for sure. But a whole thing is worth to challenge yourself! :)

This spring SWAP among forum was so fun and joyful! I got beautiful amethyst wrapped earrings from forum admin, Justina. Amethyst is one of my favorites gemtsones and I adore wrapped pieces, so this gift was a big something to me! Justina is a fantastic person, and also she runs this gorgeous jewelry shop. And here are my new earrings:

My SWAP partner was very challenging :) Astra said she loves Swarovski crystals, really long earrings and she wants green/olivine colors so bad this spring! It took me few days to come up with something. I chose sterling silver daisies, combined them with olivine Swarovski baroque pendants and tiny faceted peridot beads:

Hope she likes it :) And looking forward to participate in another SWAP!


Both pairs look gorgeous!

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