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Mar 9, 2010

They had their own dreams too

Inspired by Etsian friends and their flickr favorites I decided to share with you one of my favorite Facebook groups. It's "Lietuva senose fotografijose" - Lithuania in the old photos. It's a group, where you can post your family or your hometown old photos. The only rule is - photo must be old!

This group and its albums are great source of information. You can learn how your hometown looked like 50 years ago or in XIXth century or what people were wearing those days.

But the most inspiring for me are albums with portraits. Lot of them are anonymous. You don't know, who it was and where this photo was taken... But if you look into those people eyes you can imagine, who they were, what they were thinking about in that short moment.

Or what they dreamt about.


Interesting! Thank you so much for sharing!

I agree. So interesting!

oh, indeed very interesting, one can learn a lot from these pictures! And I really like looking at those you choose!

great group, very mysterious :)

I love those old photographs !

WOW! Great idea! Love history! These group is awesome!

That is why I am proud to be Lithuanian...
So happy, that everyone else can enjoy Old Lithuania!

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