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Mar 6, 2010

Sterling silver unique pieces

It was a busy day. I've been working on my new etsy shop for hours. But here it comes: :)

I run on-line jewelry boutique for more than two years now. This gave me priceless knowledge about different kinds of supplies. I know how important is to get best quality pieces for handcrafted jewellery. So I decided to share my experience with Etsians.

Ag is a latin chemical symbol for argentum - silver. AgShop offers sterling silver beads, findings and erawires, but also glass beads, gemstones and amber :)

AgShop is a newbie on Etsy, so I offer big discounts for first buyers - check shop announcement for more info.


Congratulations with the opening of the new shop! Good luck!

I wish you the best with the new shop!

Thank you! I will need a bit of luck indeed.

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