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Mar 13, 2010

Hunted treasuries

Yesterday I visited one of the biggest fairs in Poland - Amberif. Lots of people, hundreds of sellers, beautiful amber, gems and jewelry. Fantastic experience and so inspiring!

These are some of my treasuries "hunted" on fair. First of all - rutile quartz briolettes. I'm really proud of them - best quality and so beautiful inclusions.

Big labradorite briolettes also are gorgeaous. Nice effect of iridescent.

Green amethyst briolettes.

Lovely faceted amber rondelles.

Sterling silver and oxidized handmade roses with freshwater pearls

New jewelery and some handpicked gems comming in my etsy shops soon :)
Next big fair, Ambermart, is in September. But still hoping to visit some other extravaganzas till that time.


I am amazed! So much beauties at the same place!

Oh they are gorgeous,
love those Fairs,
only I always spend to much:)
Happy creating!!!

The silver roses are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Oh my gosh, you lucky, lucky girl!! Those are fabulous!

Yes, I love them! And labradorite is almost all gone already :)

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