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Mar 30, 2010

Rosemary's Manufacture in The Storque!

The Storque is an official Etsy blog, where admins publish interviews with Etsy sellers, advices, how to sell and shop on Etsy, interesting articles about handmade worldwide and more.

Also they feature most interesting items they find on Etsy.

Today my Rose earrings were featured in Etsy Finds :)

I started my shops on Etsy in February/March and I'm glad they've been spoted and featured already.


Aniu GRATULACJE !! ale to można powiedzieć, że mała część mojego taty i mnie była też na ETSY !! To jest OGROMNE wyróżnienie. Bardzo się cieszę, że wybrałaś te kwiaty !! super ! to dobry znak !

Kasiu, właśnie chciałam do Ciebie pisać o tym :)

bijoux, thanks!

Congrats! Beautiful earrings, really impressive piece of work! Good luck for you ;)

Congratulations. Stunning ear rings.

Congratulations, you certainly deserve being featured, the earrings are absolutely divine. I love the many layers of "petals" that surround the precious pearl centers.

Serdecznie pozdrawiam i witam na blogspotowych włościach. Na pewno będę zaglądać :)

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