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Mar 6, 2010

Monday Moodboard for the 8th of March

It's 8th of March - International Women's Day. In Lithuania, where I was born, it's a beautiful holiday when all girls and women get flowers from their dads, brothers, boyfriends, husbands and friends!

Sharing some beautiful flowers with you :)

White Daisy Meadow by JujaCrafts; Tulip Earrings by antigony;
Fairy Flowers by ZsBcreations; Yellow and Red Tulip by DeborahVoizin


very beautiful! happy int'l women's day to u!

Oh so Beautiful,
makes me long for Spring!!

Beautiful!! I hope that spring will come some day! Here is really cold!

Thanks for stopping by!
It's funny how this post showed up with a date of 6th... Don't get it :) but nevermind!

Wonderful... Happy International Women's Day...

Wonderful flowers... Happy Women's Day to all

Very sweet!!!! Thank you:)))

So nice! Happy Women's Day!
I'm hoping for a bouquet of tulips tonight myself :)

I hope that you get lots of flowers today!
Thanks for including me. I have sent out a tweet about being featured & you have such a lovely blog.
Deborah Voizin

Beautiful!! thank you so much for including my earrings!

I am from Hungary, where we also celebtrate this wonderful day! God bless all the women!
Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

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