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Nov 10, 2010

I LIKE IT! BeautySpot from Ukraine

Etsy is not only place, where I sell my designs, I also buy very often beautiful things from crafters around the world. Come and see wonderful creations by Polina and Sergey from Kiev, Ukraine. 

"Our jewelry is about simple things: bird on the branch and it's song, winter trees, spring flowers, music we love, books we read or just beauty of colors. It could be any thing from all around.
But exactly these little things make our days better, don't they?"

This set is now mine and it came in a wonderful wooden box. BeautySpot takes care about every detail of your order.

For more colorful and romantic designs visit BeautySpot Etsy shop:


Great interview! I like their creations too! And I'm owner of amazing earrings and ring!

Very nice! Creative style!

I absolutely love the work Polina and Sergey do. It's gorgeous yet so simple! Great, you guys are the best!!!

znam ich i niedawno nawiazalismy nawet wspolprace (to ta moja mala tajemnica) :))
they create wonderful jewelry!

Agnieszka, myślę, że efekt będzie piorunujący :)

I know Beautyspot! I've been following them on Etsy for some time now. It's amazing what they create! Every item is stunning!

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