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Apr 27, 2010

My Etsy Friends - Lithuania Team

Etsy is not only a place to sell and buy things handmade. It's also a place to make friends and find a lot of information about crafting. People are setting up teams, 24/7 posting new messages on forums, giving advices about etsy shops or just chatting.

I'm a proud member of three etsy teams. Meet one of them - Etsy Lithuania Team! :) I met some of team members on the unofficial meeting in Vilnius last month, I even got presents! I was so thrilled to meet girls in person and to talk about etsy backstage :)

Aldona invited us to her apartment, where she has its workroom. She runs 2 shops on Etsy: aldonasuneviciene and aldy.

I had an opportunity to meet this sweet little angel, who is a "face" of silkstory etsy shop. And her mum as well :)

Egle, who runs Globusyte shop, made a fantastic bookmark for me.

And last, but not least, I met the designer of lovely knitterbags - Jurgita.

Click HERE to see more items listed by Lithuania Team. Also visit our team blog: to read more about handmade in Lithuania. I'm sure you'll enjoy these finds!


Thank you Ana for mentioning our meeting,it was such a pleasant to see each other! And I really hope that it was first but not last meeting:-)

Ana, thank you :)
yes we had good meeting :)

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