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Apr 30, 2010

Wear a dress day

As a big fan of Facebook I enjoy the way it spreads information. I agree, there is a lot of spam - farms I don't have or fanpages I don't like. But some ideas are sparkling great :)

Just look at this event: "Wear a dress day". I love skirts and adore dresses. Will you join too?

These are some fantastic finds I'd love to wear not only during "wear a dress day" :)


omg these are adorable! thanks for sharing Rose! :)

I don't think I would look so good in one :)


I'm going to participate! I've already thought about wearing dresses more often :)

I love Dresses,
actually I have allot and wear them allot :D

I love dresses! Beautiful finds!

The first one looks great!

I am sure to participate! I am just a dress addict!
Check my blog on dresses if you are interested!

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