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Apr 18, 2010

New supplies in AgShop!

I listed some new supplies in AgShop this week and a lot of sterling silver pieces are going to be listed next week too.
I use most of them in my work as well, so I can assure they're best quality! Here what can be made using my new sterling silver findings and gemstones.

These earrings were made with turquoise rondelles. I love a bit rough look of this stone and I decided to combine it with irregular texture sterling silver beads. These earrings also have been featured in latest newsletter.

I just love these acorn shaped earrings. They are made of round reconstructed amber (14mm!) and sterling silver bead caps (18mm diameter). Earrings are very light. To find more amber in AgShop visit section with amber.

Probably you've noticed already, AgShop offers wide variety of floral beads. I love flowers! These are sterling silver beautiful daisy shape connectors you may use in your jewellery. I made romantic bridal earrings with crystal Swarovski briolettes. These earrings looks so airy!


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