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May 14, 2010

Come to the Dark Side

There is one The 69 Eyes song called "Gothic girl". I love the lyrics - they contains all stereotype patterns about goths :) Old ruins and cemeteries, laces and leather, adequate aura etc. Never assumed to take all this stuff seriously, but this type of style inspires me since I remember.

I was thinking about this session for a long time. A photographer I work with, Bartek, doesn't do fashion shots, but I really like the way he sees people. The model is Katarzyna and she did a fantastic job that cold autumn day :) no complaining about weather and being so natural in front of the camera.

Today I listed some of these jewelry pieces in my Etsy shop. Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did making them :)

Last photo comes from another shoting by eximius. His works are quite tantalizing and spicy. The model is wearing one of my necklaces.


Nice model! The last picture is beautifully terrifying! :)

Wow! The last picture is stunning! I love it!

The last photo is so scary :-D

nice models, nice jewelry, nice blog entry :) I like it dark.....

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