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Jun 12, 2010

Etsy Promo Love

This is something you should try if you have shop on Etsy! Etsy Promo Love is a new way to promote your favorite etsy sellers and your own work. Rules are very simple and what is important - no compulsory participation, you add and share link whenever you want to!

How to join us?

1. Go to Facebook Etsy Promo Love group and click "like" or "join". Invite all your friends who might be interested in participation.

2. Post an item of yours on our wall and pick up one of the item that already are shown there and spread it to your friends by sharing it (just put the share button). In this way you make "popular" an Etsian friend, while in the meantime
someone else making "popular" you!

3. Post
your latest treasury on our wall and comment on the latest two treasuries that are showing there. In this way you give the chance to your shop to be discovered from other Etsians fellows!!!

4. Every Friday post
your week favorite item from Etsy and we will post an item from your shop in our wall too.

You can participate as many times as you want and you decide, which items to share and when.

So, keep supporting handmade items and be discovered by others!


It is indeed a very ingenious system and great fun!

Thanks to the founder! And have fun, everyone :)

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