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Jun 2, 2010

Handmade by Aldona

My guest today is Aldona. She runs Etsy shop with handknitted and felted designs.

Aldona, your shops are full of items made in different techniques (felted, knitted etc.) - which technique you like the best and why?
I can't say which technique I love the best, because it depends on my mood. Sometimes I can't stop felting and I do it day by day, sometimes I knit like a crazy. Very often I can't stop spinning even if it's late night already.
I love all handworks what I do: sewing, felting, knitting, spinning. I put all my love and good energy in my works. I believe that every thing you do, could bring good energy for person who will wear it. It is my credo - do all things only with love and this will return to you in some way.

Have you any "must do" plans for this year?
I have plenty of "must to do" plans :) First, I want to do many things and many changes in my summer house and garden. Also I need to finish some big projects for weddings - dresses for bride and bridesmaids. And of course I wish to do a lot of things in my Etsy shop. I really need a 48hour day!

What book have you read recently?
I love reading, but sometimes I have no time for this. Usually I try to read few pages before sleep. My favorite book which I had read a couple years ago is "Sinuhe the Egypt" wrote by Mika Waltari and now I'm reading his another book - "The Roman".

Aldona, what is the best about Lithuania, country where you come from?
I love everything in my country - wonderful nature, beautiful lakes and forests, fresh air. Sometimes I miss sun, but anyway, it is the best place for me. I grew up here, my family and all my friends are here. I love my garden and small wooden summer house near the Vilnius... Could I wish more in my life? :)

Thank you so much for your time! I wish you good luck!

I met Aldona in Vilnius few months ago and we decided to swap gifts :) I made two pairs of earrings, and she felted for me wonderful flower brooch. This is me and Aldona's brooch :)


Thank you Ana for this post! And I hope that our meeting was first but not a last:-) I am happy to met such a sweet person like you!

lovely article to read!!
Thanks for sharing and there's nothing better then a swap and become friends:)

Thank you Ana and Aldona for sharing :)

Aldona - your handmades are very nice and hold so big love inside!
Good Luck!

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