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Jun 28, 2010

The Day of Good News!

My diploma work is finished! It's time for Summer now :)

It looks like my summer is going to be very busy. I'm starting new part time job this week, rearranging my Jewelry boutique next month, going to attend art clay workshops in the end of the month and planning trip to Russia and Netherlands in August!
Why summer is so short? :)

And here are more good news. You can win my classy pearl earrings in E.P.L. Giveaway. You can choose one of these colors: red wine, light gree, metalic silver, navy blue, chocolate brown or light brown.

Also, make sure to visit E.P.L. Summer Cataloque. To browse it CLICK HERE. My pink flower brooch is featured there :)

And here what else: my green sea shell and palm tree earrings were featured on Etsy fron page few days ago :) This lovely treasury was curated by Tanya.


Congratulations and have a great Summer :-D

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